Hamid Yasir, FRSA (il/he/him) serves as the President and Executive Director of Union Collegiate and Edlantico Education, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.Yasir has been honored by the Royal Society of Arts for his exceptional achievements in promoting social progress and development.In pursuit of his higher education, he studied liberal arts and sciences at a number of esteemed institutions, including Dalhousie, Arizona State, Harvard and McGill.Yasir's professional interests encompass the promotion of accessible education, universal healthcare, and equitable wealth distribution.Yasir has dedicated himself to improving the lives of underprivileged communities in Chittagong who are trapped in extreme poverty due to systemic barriers such as a lack of access to quality education, discrimination, wealth inequality, corruption, and nepotism. He aims to address these issues and improve the well-being of these communities by providing access to justice, education, and healthcare.Yasir is committed to principles of fairness, justice, and equity, and his political beliefs are founded on values of liberty, empathy, and solidarity, which are reflected in his academic and professional endeavors.


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